De-Escalation 101: Focus on Anxiety

I have seen customer service departments struggle so many times with complaining customers, it’s almost heartbreaking.  At the same time, I have seen so many situations de-escalate despite relatively long resolution times. How can an escalating situation ever end up in satisfied customers, despite a long resolution cycle you ask? Escalation = Anxiety It all […]

Infographic: 3 Interesting CX Metrics

We have put together 3 interesting metrics of customer experience / satisfaction into an infographic, our sources include the Temkin Group,, Lee Resources, Inc (quoted in, Bain and Company quoted by  Click on the infographic to see a larger version. Data compiled from these sources: quoting Lee Resources, Inc. […]

3 Lessons from Zaatar W Zeit’s Customer Journey

I am a big fan of Mana’eesh, the carb loaded cheese or thyme Lebanese pie.   When you think mana’eesh, one bakery’s name pops up inevitably, Zaatar w Zeit.  For the uninitiated, Mana’eesh is considered to be fast food, traditionally sold on every street corner bakery in Lebanon, and known to be quite cheap.  Zaatar […]

Reduce Consumer Anxiety Using “Feedback Design”

Forrester is one of the leading supporters of Customer Experience.  In one of their posts (by Kerry Bodine), they say: “Of the six disciplines in Forrester’s customer experience maturity model, design is probably the least understood. It’s is not taught in most business schools (although this is starting to change at institutions like Stanford and […]

CX and the Importance of Cross Functional Knowledge

Leonardo Da Vinci was, according to Wikipedia, a “polymath”, well verse in many subjects.  He was a sculptor, a mathematician, an architect, a painter, an engineer, a botanist (yes, a botanist!) and more.  Similarly, if you look at famous Islamic thinkers like Avicenna, the same word will come to mind, “polymath”.  Avicenna wrote about multiple […]